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Live Webcam images from around Buxton and the High Peak

The town of Buxton has several notable claims... It's well known throughout the world for it's Buxton Mineral Water of course, but there's much more to Buxton town than this. Buxton has the highest market place in England, at 300m above sea level, Mary Queen of Scots was held under house arrest at the Old Hall Hotel, and the hotel itself lays claim to being the oldest hotel in England. And then there's Buxton Opera House which was built in 1903 and designed by Frank Matcham, one of Britain's finest theatre  architects.

If you love Buxton and you're visiting for a holiday or just a short break, then there is quite a bit to see and do. There are some great pubs and restaurants, the theatre and cinema, and there are still a few decent shops and cafes that visitors to the town may enjoy.

Webcams around Buxton

Buxton Webcam

These are some of the most popular webcams in and around Buxton. Follow the link or click the image to see the images from each of the cameras.

A54 Macclesfield Road Webcam

A54 Macclesfield Rd This webcam is on the A54 looking towards Leek Rd. Traffic heading towards the camera is traveling up hill towards the A537 Cat and Fiddle Rd.

A515 Bookstore Webcam

A515 Ashbourne Rd. A webcam at the Book Store on the A515. The camera is pointing in the direction of Buxton.

A53 Webcam

A53 at The Winking Man A live webcam on the A53 providing images towards Buxton and also towards Leek.

Cat and Fiddle Webcam Buxton

A537 Cat and Fiddle A live camera pointing South towards Macclesfield at the Cat and Fiddle.

Flash Bar Stores Webcam

Flash Bar Stores A537 Another live camera just off the A537 at Flash.

Visiting Buxton

Buxton is a good place to visit if you want to use it as a base so that you can explore further afield. The town is surrounded by lots of beautiful countryside and there's plenty of small towns and villages with country pubs, cafes and nature trails not far away. Buxton is typically cooler and wetter than some of the surrounding towns with a daytime temperature that is typically a couple of degrees cooler than that of Manchester.

If you are traveling to Buxton by road, there are webcams on the A515, the A537, the A53 and the A54 that we have linked to. These routes generally provide easy access in and out of Buxton with very few delays due to congestion. Traffic on the A6 at the Buxton end can however be prone to delays quite frequently. Buxton has a railway with a route outbound towards Manchester. Buxton railway station is convenient for the town centre, being just a couple of minutes walk from the shops and hotels.

There are lots of places to stay in Buxton including some reputable and long established bed and breakfast guest houses/hotels. There are plenty of holiday cottages and quirky buildings that you can rent if you want to go self catering. If you are into camping or glamping, then there are sites close by that you could consider. For those that prefer to stay in a hotel, there are a few to choose from. These range from the Premier Inn to the newly renovated Crescent Hotel.

More about Buxton

Buxton is a picturesque town located in the Derbyshire Dales of England. Known for its stunning architecture, natural beauty, and rich history, Buxton is a popular destination for tourists and visitors alike.

One of the most notable features of Buxton is its architecture. The town is home to many grand Georgian and Victorian buildings, including the iconic Buxton Crescent, a Grade I listed building that was built in the late 18th century. The Crescent is now a luxury hotel, spa and conference center, but it's also open to the public to admire its architecture and historical significance.

Another popular attraction in Buxton is the town's natural beauty. The town is surrounded by rolling hills, lush green valleys and the Peak District National Park, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities in the surrounding countryside.

The town is also home to several natural hot springs and is known for its mineral waters, which have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The Buxton Thermal Baths & Spa offers visitors the opportunity to take a dip in the warm mineral waters and experience the therapeutic benefits for themselves.

Buxton is also a destination for culture and history enthusiasts. The town is home to several museums and galleries, including the Buxton Museum & Art Gallery, which showcases the town's rich history and cultural heritage. Additionally, the town is home to several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Buxton Festival, an annual arts festival that features music, theater, and literature.

In conclusion, Buxton is a charming town in Derbyshire that offers a unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty. From its grand Georgian and Victorian architecture to its natural hot springs, hiking trails and cultural events, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Buxton. Whether you're a culture buff, history lover, or outdoor enthusiast, Buxton is a destination that should appeal to many people